What is the neighbourhood plan?

This is a document which will eventually contain the wishes and hopes of the people of Bingham in regard to the development of our town.

Why is it needed?

The primary advantage is that any future planning for Bingham has to take the N. P. Into consideration.  It does mean that any monies that are given for new developments, that Bingham will have a part of that to support our developments.  The N. P. will also identify what facilities, amenities and transport links are likely to be needed.

When is it for?

The planning for Bingham is already decided up to 2028. There is a possibility this could change but our N. P. will be aimed for 2028 and beyond.

Who is going to create this Neighbourhood plan?

At public meetings over the last 18 months a group of 15 people have volunteered to lead this development.  Bingham Town Council is involved in this but does not have a voting majority.

How long will this take?

Most N. P. for other towns and parishes have taken about 3 years to complete.

Does this mean that we will have full control over developments in Bingham?

No.  We cannot include things that are not legally allowed and Rushcliffe and the Government has a say in what goes on

Can I be involved in this?

Yes.  There will be opportunities for all the residents of Bingham to have their say. It is planned to have a Facebook page that comments can be made to and letters to BTC will be read by the group. Before this is accepted, a majority of the voters Bingham must vote to agree the plan.

Can I find out more?

To find out more contact

Where is future development likely to be?

Most of the population of Bingham want the current green spaces in Bingham Town to remain as green spaces: So the N. P. Is likely to have that as one of its wishes. The land south west of the A52 is designated Green Belt. This leaves the land south east of the A52 (A), the land north east of the railway line (B) and the land south of the railway and north of the A52 (C).  The N. P. will be able to identify which of these areas are the preferred areas of development.


Map of Bingham