On 4th December 2020 the Bingham Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee held an Extraordinary General Meeting at which they voted unanimously to dissolve the committee and cease work on the neighbourhood plan. We did this with sadness. We had made a good deal of progress producing an innovative plan that was appropriate for a net zero carbon future.

The Covid-19 restrictions meant that we have not been able to hold meetings or do any of the consultations we had planned since March and are unlikely to be able to restart until next summer. More seriously, changes to the planning regulations announced by the Minister this year have made it unclear how neighbourhood planning fits in the new arrangements. The borough council also has to rethink its schedule for the preparation for the Local Plan for the period after 2028, which is an important reference point for us. Without it we cannot proceed.

Our hope is that in the near future these problems will be resolved and a new neighbourhood plan group will form and continue with work we have started. Until then this web site will remain available as a reference to work done, but it will not be maintained.